Who is Silk & Bubble for?

It is for everyone wanting to improve the health, length, thickness and strength of their hair. It is suitable for both men and women and is gentle enough to be used on children from the age of 4.

How soon will I start to see results?

We recommend using the hair mask at last 2 to 3 times a week and for a minimum of 3 months to start seeing a difference. Some people may see results sooner than others, but that’s just because we’re all different. We recommend having a picture diary of your hair which will help you see the difference in length and thickness (we would love to see it too!)

I have bald patches on different areas of my head, will my hair grow there?

Our mask will not create re-growth on areas where growth has stopped. It instead works to improve the quality and texture of existing hair follicles. You will notice that baby hair will grow quicker and you will have less breakage since the mask nourishes and strengthens the hair you have.

Can men use it on their beards?

Yes, absolutely! We have male customers who have said they noticed that their beards were much easier to manage and the hair felt very soft as well as having a healthy shine.

Can I use it on dry hair?

Yes, there are a few ways you can use it; 1. OVERNIGHT - Leave in intense treatment overnight then wash as you normally would. (apply to dry, unwashed hair) 2. SHOWER - Shampoo your hair, squeeze out excess water and leave in for 10 minutes then rinse. 3. BEFORE THE SHOWER - Apply 30 minutes or an hour before your shower and wash as usual. (apply to dry, unwashed hair)

Can I use it if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Because our hair mask is 100% organic, with no harmful chemicals, it is suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you still have your doubts, please discuss the ingredients with your GP.

Is it suitable for coloured and keratin treated hair?

Yes, our mask will not strip your hair of its colour or tint. It will in fact make your hair colour look more vibrant because it will nourish, moisturise and smooth each strand.

How can I purchase your mask and how much does it cost?

You can purchase your mask directly from our website by clicking HERE. Our mask retails at £30 for a 215ml tub.

Is your hair mask vegan and gluten free?

It is! All ingredients used in our products are naturally derived and plant based.

Does the hair mask have an expiry date?

With the nourishing hair mask, you will have 24 months from opening your jar to use it up, which shouldn’t be too difficult! We recommend storing it in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight as this will help keep your mask fresher for longer. (It does not need to be refrigerated)

Which shampoo shall I use whilst using the mask?

We recommend using shampoo brand which are natural and don’t contain and harmful chemicals such as sulphates and phthalates, also avoiding silicones. Our very own shampoo with no nasty’s will be launching soon so sign up for our newsletter to be one of the first to know about new releases.

Can I use it more than 3 times a week?

Yes, you can, but you might find that the product will make your hair a little greasy as it is moisturising. We recommend 2 to 3 times a week.

Can I sleep with it?

Yes, it can be used as an overnight intensive conditioning treatment.

How much do I need to use?

You can use a scoop or more depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Do I apply it from the roots to the ends or just to the ends?

Depending on the condition of your hair, you can apply it from root to tip. If you have fine hair, we recommend applying it to the ends of your hair so as not to weigh it down

I have greasy roots and dry ends; will it make my hair greasier or weigh it down?

If you apply it just to the ends whilst in the shower after a shampoo or as a 10-minute treatment before the shower then it won’t weigh it down.

I have fine hair; will it weigh it down?

Not if it is only applied to the ends/ length

I have afro hair; can I use this mask?

yes, you will find your curls become more defined, easier to manage and with a healthy shine

I have extremely curly hair; will this help reduce frizz?

Yes, you will find the frizz will be calmer, the curls more defined and detangled.

Does it help with dandruff?

It will give your scalp moisture therefore reducing dandruff

How many times do i have to use it before i see results?

You will see results after the first use.

What are the benefits in the long run?

Healthier, stronger, shinier more nourished hair, stronger hair follicles and promoted hair growth.

Has the mask been tested on animals?

No, we are against animal testing

My daughter who is 7 years old has extremely frizzy hair, can I use it on her?

Absolutely! Our mask is so gentle and free of nasties it is safe to use on children from as young as 4 years old.

Can I apply it to dry hair?

Yes, whether you’re applying it as an overnight mask or as a 10 to 30-minute treatment before your shower.

Does it contain sodium?

It contains Sodium Benzoate as this is required to be used as a preservative.


Are these vitamins suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

We don’t recommend taking our vitamins during this time as they contain high doses of a mixture of vitamins. We recommend asking your GP for a multivitamin with lower doses.

From which age can children start taking the vitamins?

Children from the age of 12 can start taking the vitamins.

Are your vitamins suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Our vitamins contain fish collagen so they are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Will your vitamins cure baldness or create re-growth on bald patches?

No, unfortunately, the vitamins will not create re-growth on areas where hair no longer grows. The vitamins will help to strengthen and nourish existing hair follicles and work to make it healthier reducing fallout and breakage.

How long do I need to take them for before I see results?

We recommend taking the vitamins for a minimum of 3 months daily as advised to see results. We suggest keeping a hair growth diary and taking pictures at least once a month. Everyone is different so results may vary from person to person.

I take prescribed medication for other issues; can I still take the hair vitamins?

If you are on other medication, we suggest seeking medical advice from your GP before taking our vitamins to make sure they are safe to take alongside your prescribed medication.


Where is my order?

After placing your order, provided you have supplied us with your email address, we will send you an email once your package has been dispatched. This email contains tracking information for your package. If you track it and find that no further information is available then please send an email quoting your full name and order number to

My package arrived and the contents are damaged, what shall I do?

As soon as you open your package and find that the product is damaged, take pictures of the package before throwing it away and also take pictures of the product inside the package. (We need these to show the courier service provider that they have mishandled our package). Then, send an email to attaching the pictures taken together with your order number and full name with a brief explanation of what you found. Someone from our customer services team will respond to you with a solution. Please note, investigations can take up to 7 working days.

I need to cancel my order, is it too late?

Depending on which day and the time of your order, you would need to send an urgent email to advising them of the reason to cancel your order and they would then let you know if it is possible or not.

I haven’t received confirmation of my order.

If you haven’t received confirmation of your order, it could be one of two things; either you didn’t enter your correct email address (or forgot to enter it all together), or your order didn’t go through because your server may have timed out.


How long will it take to receive my order?

If you are a UK resident, standard shipping is £5.00 and can take 2 to 3 working days to arrive. If you choose to pay for the Next Day service before 12 pm, if your order has been received before 11 am, you will receive your order the next working day before 12 pm. For international orders, please see the shipping policy for accurate delivery times

How long does international delivery take?

Please see the shipping policy for accurate delivery times.

I’ve selected Express Shipping, how long will it take?

UK Express Shipping 1-2 working days International Express Shipping 2-3 working days

I was not home when they tried to deliver, what should I do?

Depending on the courier, they should leave a calling card. If you have provided your email address, our team will email you with your tracking number and you are required to rearrange a redelivery or collect from your local post office.

I’ve not received my order but the tracking says it has been delivered.

Contact our customer service team at and we will investigate this further with our fulfilment centre and delivery courier. This can take up to 7 working days for investigations.

My order was delivered to a neighbour who says they don’t have it.

Please send an email to customer services at explaining the situation and they will happily look into it for you.


Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most Debit and Credit cards and PayPal. We also offer flexible payment options by Klarna who allow you to spread the cost of your purchase making it more affordable for you.

Can I pay via Bank transfer?

No, unfortunately we do not accept bank transfers.