Do you test on animals?

At Silk & Bubble, we are advocates for all animals, so being 100% cruelty free is very important to us. So nope, definitely not, none of that.

Can men use your hair mask?

ABSOLUTELY! Hair is hair, not gender specific. Everyone needs and should want healthy hair, so we welcome all.

Is your hair mask gluten free?

We want to be as inclusive as possible and cater for everyone, so yes, our mask IS gluten free!

Is your hair mask vegan & gluten free?

It is! All ingredients used in our products are naturally derived and plant based.

Do Silk & Bubble products expire?

With the nourishing hair mask, you’ll have 24 months from opening your jar to use it up, which will be very easy! We recommend keeping it cool and out of direct sunlight as this will keep your mask fresher for longer!

How long do I leave the hair mask on for?

We would recommend 5-10 minutes for a good conditioning, but for deep nourishment and the best results, we’d say to wear it overnight!

Should I still shampoo my hair?

You should always shampoo before to make your hair clean for our practically-perfect hair mask. We highly recommend using sulfate free products, they’re less nasty and damaging.