There are a few ways you can use your mask; it just depends on the current condition of your hair. We have three different ways for you to try and see which one works best on your hair.


Does your hair feel like hay? Is it dry and rough? If the answers are yes, then the overnight mask will work an absolute treat for you.

Step 1 – Apply to dry, unwashed hair by massaging small amounts through the lengths of your hair from root to tip. A little goes a long way so start off with small amount.

Step 2 – Tie your hair up into a comfortable bun and then wrap it up with an old scarf or small towel to keep it snug through the night and to protect your pillow case.

Step 3 – Wake up and wash you hair as you normally would, you will not need to use a conditioner after your shampoo but you can if you want to.

Step 4 – Let your hair dry naturally or roughly blow dry and style as usual; welcome to soft, smooth and shiny locks!


Don’t want to sleep with your hair wrapped up? No problem, you can apply your mask into dry unwashed hair up to an hour or more before your shower. Apply it as you would the overnight treatment, finish your duties around the house while the mask works its magic and then wash your hair as usual.


Always busy and on the go? You don’t have to leave your mask in for hours! Use it in place of your regular conditioner whilst in the shower.

Step 1 – shampoo your hair as usual, squeeze out excess water, apply mask as you would your conditioner and leave in for a minimum of 10 minutes. (If you have fine hair, apply the mask from your ears downwards avoiding the roots, as our mask is extremely moisturising)

Step 2 – Rinse out thoroughly and style as usual, simple!

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