About Silk & Bubble

Our vision at Silk and Bubble was to create a product that helps you and your hair live your best life. We have spent years carefully perfecting this formula with industry experts and have developed a 10-minute miracle worker that stimulates, repairs and strengthens your mane attraction. So, leave behind your days of unpredictable hair care woes, with limp, lackluster locks, and say hello to our Super Nourishing Hair Growth Mask.

Our unique brand firmly believes that naturally derived ingredients, known for their healing and restorative qualities, build the foundation for beautiful, healthy and nourished hair. Hair is a game changer, and this blend will certainly get to your head: helping you achieve confidence, for the locks you love.

Whether you have chestnut brown, bombshell blonde, gorgeous ginger or straight and curly, all hair is unique, and we know how good it feels to run your fingers through your hair on a good day. That’s why we are so passionate about helping you invest in a future where every day is a perfect hair day, and our volume-boosting, super nourishing mask does just that.

Using only the best ingredients, we have embraced many of mother Nature’s hidden gems. With coconut extract reaching deep to stimulate hair follicles, hair immediately becomes more moisturized, sleeker, and softer from first use. Enriched with fig, aloe vera and biotin, this adds a weightless shine whilst giving you gorgeous glossy locks and promoting hair growth. We are so excited with our new creation, and we cannot wait for you to try!

Not only does this gorgeous medley protect and deliver the best results for your hair, it also protects and loves the environment too: being 100% cruelty free, and free from damaging sulphates, phthalates or parabens.

Our mission is to give your mane the treatment it deserves. So be prepared to bless yourself with heavenly smells, silky textures, and glistening results.


Silk and Bubble

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