@Diana Ruth

Beyond recommend!

I write reviews very rarely, but this product however more than deserves even the laziest of humans to write a THANK YOU post! After using so many hair masks finally I can say this is my holy grail! It makes my hair really soft. My natural hair is dry and curly. Until I was introduced to this - my hair Chipped off in chunks. To explain it further - while brushing my hair - the ends were so badly damaged that they would chip off onto the floor as if I'm getting a haircut, same occurred if I ran my fingers through it. Most masks and conditioners did not help. They left my hair oily, greasy, and sticky if not the same day then the next. That is until I found this product! I LOVE this product! Another attractive thing is its coconut fragrance, really attractive. My hair is manageable, it's soft, it's healthy, it's shiny, it's brush able, it's not chipping off, it has life, bounce and volume. Beyond recommend!