Our customers

  • @Diana Ruth

    Beyond recommend! I write reviews very rarely, but this product however more than deserves even the laziest of humans to write a THANK YOU post! After using so many hair masks finally I can say this is my holy grail! It makes my hair really soft. My natural hair is dry and curly. Until I was introdu...
  • @Charity Keyas

    Kudos!!!!...Silk and Bubble Coconut Hair Mask I have been hearing a lot from my girlfriends about this product and how it had transformed their hairs while ignoring, but l decided to take a shot and ordered for myself, at first application l had doubts about it, but after second and third applicatio...
  • @Tiffany A.

    Great job Silk & Bubble... Since I started dying out my hair, it started to get dry and frizzy. I have been looking for an excellent remedy for years now. My friend recommended a hair mask to me. At first, I was thinking that it was just some same hair thingy remedy that doesn't really work the ...
  • @Meritta Crife

    I'm writing this review after using it for 1 week. I used it on my hair regularly and use of this made my hair much softer. This one seemed best in quality and price too. Its also very good on skin. I don't have any skin problems. It has pleasant and fresh coconut smell.
  • @Christine Scora

    This hair mask is fantastic! I REALLY noticed the difference the first time I tried it. It gives you a pure coconut smell and has a clean aroma. I have most definitely found my go-to deep conditioner mask, and will never try anything else. Insta-Natural!
  • @Sofia Sultan

    Finally! A good product for my hair. This coconut hair mask has done what it promised. I have been using this for more than 2 weeks now and my hair feel so soft smooth and shiny. It has made my hair easily manageable. And of course the smell is so refreshing. Highly recommended
  • @Kaylen

    I Absolutely loved it. I'll continue using it now because I've tried Loreal's hair mask before but it had terribe effect on my skin. It probably has something to do with the purely synthetic ingredients they use. But this mask has rather soothing effect on my skin. And it smelled so nature-like as i...
  • @Sana Arshad

    I was a bit skeptical about ordering iinitally but im so glad i did! I usually spend about £10-15 a month on shampoo so it was a bit of stretch for me personally but Im so glad i did. I LOVE LOVEEEE this product. 100% would order again! Now i need to find a shampoo that matches the quality of this.
  • @Daniela Gil

    Impressed! I am very impressed with the product. I used it once a week and it is highly effective. It is super affordable and I highly recommended this to anyone who has dry hair. Now my hair from dry to lively and smooth.
  • @Laura

    I have used this product a couple of times and not only does this show results right away but the results stay and the overall condition of your hair gets better! My hair feel fresh and nourishing and I can't stop touching them! My scalp feels pampered and I can feel my roots getting stronger! It re...