Silk & Self Care

Life is busier than ever. With deadlines, demands, distractions and deadly time thief's, so often we don’t leave any time for ourselves. We all know how we feel when we have finally given ourselves a little self-pamper, we feel incredible and we wonder why we don’t take the time to do it more often. We appreciate that you need a haircare hero that can deliver the goods in line with your limitations. Below are a few ways you can work your hair mask into your routine without it feeling like hard work or hassle.

The quick condition. Once you have shampooed your hair, rinse that out and run the mask through your hair while you wash your body and face. As soon as you have done everything you need to do run warm water through your hair to wash it out and bam! You’re done!

The multitasker. Leave the mask in when you get out of the shower or bath. Wrap your hair in a cotton/silk scarf and tick off all those other jobs you have on your list. Our hair mask will sit patiently soaking in, continually hydrating and conditioning as you go. Run your hair under warm water and bam! You’re done.

The Deep Sleepover. Get that mask on at bedtime, make it the last thing you do and wrap your hair in a cotton/silk scarf and while you enjoy your beauty sleep let your hair enjoy the same. In the morning, run warm water through your hair and bam! You’re done.

You can pick and choose the level of TLC you can give your hair through the week and switch it up as and when. What is key in maintaining the health strength and quality of your hair is regular treatments no matter how small.

Fitting a little haircare into your life has never been easier and the results will blow your mind.

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